The Bioindustrial Manufacturing And Design Ecosystem, or BioMADE, joins eight Department of Defense (DoD)-sponsored Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MII) as part of the Manufacturing USA network. BioMADE will support the growth and sustainment of domestic bioindustrial manufacturing, perform research and development (“R&D”) activities, facilitate the distribution of R&D funding to member institutions, and support national defense needs.

Current open positions

Twin Cities

Twin Cities BioMADE staff are employed by the University of Minnesota and seconded to BioMADE. The positions listed below contain direct links to the University of Minnesota Job Site.

The Contract and Finance Director serves as the senior-most contract and award expert for BioMADE. They will be responsible for negotiating, executing, and tracking BioMADE agreements, including procurement of services. This position will supervise BioMADE contracts, grants, and sponsored accounting staff. The BioMADE Contract and Finance team will be the contacts for federal sponsors as well as facilitating BioMADE's funding program by issuing awards to a variety of industry, academic, and non-profit entities.

The Chief Workforce Development Officer (CWDO) will be responsible for setting the vision and overseeing all Educational and Workforce Development activities under BioMADE. The incumbent will chair the Educational and Workforce Development Committee, will be the primary conduit between BioMADE and the U.S. Government on workforce, and will regularly solicit feedback from BioMADE industrial members to ensure the Educational and Workforce Development priorities align well with industry needs.

The Technology Program Manager (Senior/Mid/Associate) will join the BioMADE program management team as a leader, innovator, scout, and project manager. They will participate in the development of BioMADE’s Technology Roadmap and develop roadmap-based project calls to advance bioindustrial manufacturing. This position will be responsible for reviewing and shepherding responses to project calls and recommending projects for funding, working closely with BioMADE and U.S. Government leadership. They will actively manage a portfolio of technical programs, providing leadership, organization and alignment of technology development efforts. Program Management Positions will be hired as an Associate Program Manager, Program Manager, or Senior Program Manager based on candidate’s qualifications. There are multiple openings for this position and the posting will remain active until all openings are filled.

The Director of Cyberinfrastructure will oversee the information technology platforms for BioMADE, including developing and implementing its policies and goals. They will be responsible for ensuring that the IT system, from email to accounting to fermenter, is operated, updated, secured, and maintained to the highest standard. BioMADE's computing infrastructure will be comprised of desktops, workstations, laptops, servers, and a wide variety of other information-based technologies including hardware, software, and the network needed to support these devices. They will also be responsible for engagement with BioMADE managed service provider, managed security service provider, and the U.S. Government to ensure appropriate cybersecurity requirements are realized.

The Export Controls and Operational Security Officer will be responsible for developing and maintaining BioMADE’s export control and operational security programs. The incumbent will serve as a liaison with the US Government (including the Departments of Defense and Justice) and other external constituencies to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices for a Department of Defense institute. This position will also provide relevant training to BioMADE personnel.

The Director of BioMADE Data Science will be responsible for implementation, development, and management of technology information systems and is the Lead Scientist for the BioMADE Digital Backbone and Center of Excellence. This position will lead the industry to design a multi-year IT solutions roadmaps in support of BioMADE information and analytic needs. The Director will lead a small team of data scientists, in concert with industry and academia, to provide insight into critical areas of bioindustrial manufacturing processes that can be targeted for exploration and improvement.

The Techno-economic Analyst is an engineer primarily responsible for developing, maintaining, and using techno-economic analysis (TEA) and other process economic modeling to support a wide array of bio-manufacturing programs. They will establish a sound framework for application of TEA across BioMADE efforts, including conducting independent analysis for special projects, or working with member organizations (companies, universities, other research organizations) requiring assistance in developing or executing TEA. They will work to support or review multi-institution project teams developing innovative solutions to advance biomanufacturing technologies. They will assist Program Managers to develop or review Project Calls and Proposals by ensuring relevant, sound economic decision-making tools are employed to support innovation across Manufacturing Readiness Levels 4-7 (late lab scale to pilot, pre-commercial scale). The outcomes of these analyses will be communicated to cross-functional teams in written and oral formats.

The ELSI (4S) Coordinator will be responsible for supporting BioMADE’s programs focused on developing “Safe, Secure, Sustainable, and Socially Responsible” (4S) biomanufacturing technologies. Sometimes referred to as Ethical, Legal, and Social Implication (ELSI), the 4S Coordinator will assist BioMADE’s bioethics and biosecurity advisors in the establishment and maintenance of BioMADE 4S efforts and will work directly with BioMADE staff, committees, and members to inculcate 4S topics across BioMADE programs. The 4S Coordinator will help BioMADE lead bioindustrial manufacturing toward developing safe, secure, sustainable and socially responsible technologies and help BioMADE facilitate development and public support for biomanufactured products, in the US and around the globe. The 4S Coordinator will work with the advisors and members to develop mechanisms to address regulatory gaps (current and expected) and any public concerns raised by BioMADE projects, from initial idea to project completion.

The Grant Accountant will manage federal award account activities that cut across many specialties such as proposals, program development, contract, financial administration, reporting and compliance. They will also facilitate data collection as part of BioMADE's award-making program serving external partners and oversee subaward recipient activities.